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This list of responsibilities is mostly based on the suggestion by Patrick Uselding, with some changes by Alain Knaff (mostly about webmaster).

  • president
    • commitee meetings organisation and overall organisation
    • strategy
    • sponsoring
    • political lobbying
  • vice-president
    • project coordination and regular review (we need a list...)
    • event organisation and coordination
    • distro watching, shortlist management, coordination of distro gurus
  • PR manager
    • content of the website
    • contact person for press and other inquiries
    • link with other IT clubs
    • link with other clubs
  • secretary
    • financial lobbying
    • membership management
    • meeting minutes and follow-up
  • treasurer
    • accounting, send out membership cards
  • web master
    • website design and overall structure
    • defines procedures for routine maintenance
    • defines "coding standards" for scripts
    • members mailings
    • mailing lists
    • one distro guru per shortlisted distro
  • project managers
  • project members
  • all members
    • routine website maintenance according to procedures: meeting dates, event dates


If you are an elected official, and cannot (due to family constraints for example or other reasons) assume most of your tasks, please have the decency to inform the rest of us, and delegate or resign.

If you are an elected official, and cannot assume some of your tasks, you may delegate, as long as it is made perfectly clear who is now in charge.