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Suggestion: Drop OSX Open Office

I (PatP) strongly suggest to not include it on the CD because

  • Short version: It's just not ready for the audience of the CD (average user)
  • Long version: Including it means a lot of work for a modest, if not counterproductive, result. Unlike Win and Linux versions, Oo for OS X is not a finished product and offers a much worse experience than any other choice a user has on OS X. The average Mac user will be turned off by this version. We should wait for a native OSX release. Personal experience: Neither simple nor easy to install. Once installed, it must be launched via a script (not intuitive) and then takes ages to start. Oo is not well integrated into OS X (Fonts are a parallel universe, a real step back; there is no Copy & Paste between OS X apps and Oo, etc etc) and above all it crashes just too often for productive use.

TC As it seems realy bad I would vote for not including OpenOffice for MAC too. But we still include Mozilla and other OSS.