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OrgLu is a project that has in mind User Groups, non profit organisation and Clubs off all kinds!!!

The Idea is to have tools available to manage on one side members and on the other side an internet server with all the services an organisation would need.

To reach this goal yearlong experience with tje prophecy server management is used.

The system is a Linux server using Apache, SquirelMail, mailman, sendmail, MySQL and PHP.

On the main database tables are created to first support end-users and on a second level erver informations. Special SQL queries are used to generate shell scripts tat can be executed by the root user (after having verified all the informations are ok).

Main tables:

  • users -> Members with their contact informations
  • account -> unix account on the server
  • groups -> unix groups
  • club -> all the organisations
  • dns -> dns fields (to be defined)


  • users_club -> who is in which club.
  • club_databases -> databases that club is using
  • club_mailinglists -> which mailing list each club uses
  • groups_club -> which club manages which group.
  • group_users -> what users are in which group
  • payments -> who payed which amount when to which club.
  • mailaliases (to be defined)


  • country_codes


Tools already created:


  • addusers.php -> add member information to the
  • moduser.php -> manage users (modify,delete,list)
  • usersclub.php -> assign users to clubs.

Mysql queries to shell:

db.select_user -> queries to create accounts, groups, virtualdomains and mailing lists


Multi club system.

1. Security:

  • an administrator of a club should not be able to see data of users not in his club.
  • only through entering the password it is possible to use the scripts
  • end-users should not be able to intefere with club administration (not even see member lists)