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LiLux Meeting 24th February 2010

Change of the Statutes

  • Change fees to Euro
  • Change voting system
 - Comity is elected by the AG and the positions are attributed at the next comity meeting.
 - President is elected directly by the AG.

New server for the LiLux club

OK to buy a new server

Scripts for the membership management

  • create DB model on wiki
  • create module design
  • select people to write the scripts


  • Televie
- Cactus, distributing CD´s
  • Conferences
  • Presentation
 - LLL by AlainKnaff (after summer)
 - Desktop use of Linux by EricDondelinger
 - Networking services by EricDondelinger
  • Next year 20years of Linux

Linux days

  • take contact with Hako

External events

Micel proposed to organize a visit to:

Anyone interested?

By car: 4hours - 60€ gaz + 22€

By Train ( +/-100€ per person