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This page is to organize our presence at the MCCL 20 year celebration.

During our November meeting, it has been decided that we should concentrate on the weekend (January 13th and 14th), as these are not only the days when most of us will be most available, but also when there are the most "customers"

Please register in below list for the weekend:

Please register in below list for Friday 12th. We would like to have at least one person representing LiLux.

  • We have to prepare a document, where we count all the advantages of a membership. To be done....

What do we want to do there ?

  • Presentation of GNU/Linux
  • Presentation of LiLux
  • Install Linux on people's 'puter ? AlexLoes: Yes, and MCCL has hardware to lend (Monitor, Keyboard, mouse).
  • Showoff "groovy" stuff ?
  • waste everybody's time ? AlexLoes: Yes, of course :-)
  • Do we sell Linux stuff from Promoculture? Alain phoned Maggy. She prepares a bag.

Stuff to bring/order:

  • New Ubuntu (which version? 6.06 or 6.10) (pst: 6.10 really rocks ;)
    • AFAIK as I heard, canonical Inc. isn't anymore sending CD's. Is it true?
    • (sma) not really, have a look [1]
  • Cashregister :-)
  • Member registration form
  • T-Shirts
  • Bringing the online member registration up to date. Perhaps, I need some help. (pst: didn't know it doesn't work anymore?)Al: It works.