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This project aims to create the luxemburgish translation of the wikipedia encyclopedia, well at least the most important things I hope ;)

How to do this? Well on the wikipedia site they say :

A certain amount of "critical mass" is necessary in order for a wiki to "take off". Without 5-10 people eagerly writing and arguing and playing with each other, it wouldn't be as much fun. So we encourage anyone who wants to build a wiki in their own language to also go out and announce/recruit for it. :-)

Feel free to add your name to the list blow if your willing to help in this (it's no deadline project, so we have time, something like years until the sun finally 'goes out' ;)

  • PascalSteichen (coordinator)
  • Bob Hentges
  • Joel Wagner
  • ... more to come hopefully :)

Yeah! (the luxemburgish wikipedia) is up !

All my thanks to Bob