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Linuxfest Organization 2005


Same as in 2004 We have 4 Rooms:

  • Tux Café - used as show room, selling stuff and drinks and to discuss.
  • Class Room for the courses.
  • Class Room for the installations
  • Class Room for the LAN Party
  • Place to play the music (Stage)


  • Date 23rd and 24th of April
  • Time: Saturday 8:00 to late night, Sunday 10:00 to 19:00
  • Location LGL (Lycée de Garçons) Luxembourg Limpertsberg
    • ONT website [1] in the agenda --> no events yet: Try to add Linux Fest

Manpower during Fest

Please add your name here and say when you may come and what you want to do)

  • ThierryCoutelier: Saturday: 8:00 to 14:00 + Sunday 9:00 to 20:00 : Coordination
  • VincentBremaud  : Saturday: 8h-10h,14h-20h + Sunday 8h-20h : bring computer(s), games for winex (aka cedega)
  • AlainKnaff  : Saturday: 8h-22h, Sunday 8h-20h : bring laptop(s)
  • AlexLoes  : Saturday: 09h-18h, Sunday 8h-18h : bring laptop and music instruments but have myself a lot to do.
  • PauloRibeiro  : Saturday: 10h-22h, Sunday 10h-20h : bring computer(s), give courses if needed.
  • PascalSteichen  : Saturday: full : give courses, contribute to the LANparty playing ;)
  • JuriChome  : Saturday & Sunday : bring computer (LAN-Party server), help with the Install Fest


  • Make poster [2]
  • Hang it out in schools (prepare 4 weeks in advance, hang out 2 1/2 week in advance)
  • Hang it out at work or elsewhere (only authorized places please.)
  • Print as A5 and A6 flyer and distribute it (Clubs, Mailboxes, Shops ...)
  • Create a WEB-banner and distribute/advertise it.
  • Add the event to all calenders you know off.
  • Post to all mailing lists.
  • Prepare commercial advertisement.
  • Prepare Press Release CpLinuxFest2005
  • Coordinate release: Proposed Release Date 5th of April
    • Luxemburger Wort (-> PascalSteichen)
    • La Voix du Luxembourg
    • RTL (-> SergeMarelli )
    • Letzebuerger Revue (Christian Mersch)
    • Radio 100,7 (-> SergeMarelli )
    • PaperJam (-> SergeMarelli )
    • Buy add space in Telecran (Jule)
    • Revue?
    • Sipress (?) ==> coordination publicites dans presse ecrite
    • [please complete if you have more ideas & contacts]
    • Spiral (?)

Press Release : (Done, but no feedback from any newspaper nor radio besides soluxion and 100komma7...) - in French : CpLinuxFest2005 - in English :


Coordinate with PauloRibeiro do not send on you own.

Goodies / Freebies

  • Use what we have.

Administrative (done)

  • make price list
    AlexLoes : Is it the same as last year???
  • print forms to note down sales and new memberships
    AlexLoes: I will prepare something...done!

Organised pricelist with prepared sheets to write down what has been sold. -> AlexLoes


Lan Party

  • Get list of available native Linux games
    • UT2004 :
    • Tribes2 :
    • NeverWinter Nights : ThierryCoutelier and SergeMarelli have one version.
    • There is a free 3D shooter (like UT/tribes etc) which works on linux and windows, called Legends [3], you might want to install that as well... (GeorgesToth)
    • Gate 88 (abstract strategy), Wolfenstein - Enemy territory (shooter), netPanzer (strategy), Slune (car racing), Outgun (capture the flag), Doom3 (shooter) (all available for free except Doom3 - JuriChome)
  • Registration website / Php script [4] (done -> PascalSteichen)
  • Organize PCs (Ste Sophie, HP, Siemens, ...) (2 weeks in advance) (contacts?)

The LGL itself now has PCs which may be suitable. These are Siemens computers with Intel 82865G graphics chip (download drivers here). The cases are quite small, not sure how easy it will be to add an external Nvidia card, if need be.

  • Test in exact same configuration as being used at Fest (being careful about peripherals, such as USB mice too!)
  • Organize games (2 weeks in advance)


  • Some winex games ??
    • SergeMarelli : this is about WinEx games kind of a legal Windows-for-gamers emulation, cf [5] and [6] allows you to play legally several dozens of Windows games under Linux!
    • SergeMarelli : have recently registered to use WinEx, I still have to understand how to install and use it. Then I'll be able to provide Baldur's Gate (1&2) as well as Diablo II which ought to work with WinEx...
    • Am not quite sure what this list is about, but i got tribes2 native (linux) if you need it (GeorgesToth)
    • VincentBremaud: As last year, I can bring (a) computer(s) (with GNU/Linux(es) of course) and various games, mostly Windows ones working with winex (aka cedega)
    • [complete this list please]

Food & drinks

  • Order soft drinks (Ets Rossi in Dudelange)
    • 3 boxes each of Coke, Vittel, Beer should be sufficient (1 week in advance)
    • Add other non "Coky" drinks such as Ice Tea and more.
    • A few bottels of Beckerich
    • Maybe some Rosport (Blue)
  • Contact Transfair for
    • Coffee
    • Wine
    • Snacks
  • Food
    • Do we prepare or buy some sandwiches ? (Responsibility)
    • Order Pizza in time to start at 14.00.


  • We should have a couple of CDs of various distributions to hand out. 3 of each kind should be largely enough (most people actually have either already bought a version themselves, or buy one at our stand)
    • SuSE
    • Fedora
    • Knoppix (possibly customized LiLux version, needs time (!))
    • Debian
    • Mandrake
    • OpenCD
    • Plan for enough blank CDs in case we run out of one distro --> ThierryCoutelier (we have enough from last year)
    • Ubuntu (on the rise and very nice !)



  • Ethernet Cables
  • Hubs / switches
  • Spare keyboards
  • Spare monitors
  • "multiprises"
  • Wi-Fi access point -> PierreFonck
  • Demo computers
  • "Dymo" labelling machine
  • AlexLoes: I bring some music material on Friday and prepare the Stage on Saturday morning).

For demo:

  • Astronomy programs demo

AlexLoes: I could show several programs, but only on my laptop. I will not bring on my PC as I have to bring on my music instruments. Haven't got a lot of time!


only basic ? what about install and more advanced courses ? (well think I can handle this on-the-fly ;), except for install there should be people ready to install ...)

AlexLoes: What about Jam and the Bluemoon playing on stage. As Pier told me, he has no material for doing the audio part. So I have engaged a friend who brings on material.

Does anybody know about the 'SACEM' (copyright on texts)? OK. done I ordered a document to register@SACEM.