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Positions in the LiLux comitee:

President: Thierry Coutelier

  • Represents the group
  • Coordinates projects between each others

Vice-President: Alain Knaff

  • Replaces the president

Secretaire: Pascal Steichen

  • Management of the day to day working of the group
  • Looks after the 'statuts' and other administrative coordination.

Tresorier: Alex Loes

  • Looks after the accounts of the groups.
  • Manages members

Public relations: Serge Marelli (needs replacement)

  • Keeps list of press contacts
  • Sends out press releases in a pre defined format.
  • Creates an archive of FOSS and LiLux related articles of the Luxembourgish press.

Political relations: Thierry Coutelier

  • Keeps a list of political contacts
  • Coordinates political relations

Webmaster: Pascal Steichen

  • Keeps WEB site up-to-date
  • Helps create tools for the management of the group and for some projects

Event coordination: Eric Dondelinger

  • Coordinates events
  • Keeps contact with other groups offering GNU/Linux events

Marketing: Brent Frère

  • Contact with FOSS companies in Luxembourg

LLL project leader: Alain Knaff

  • Looks after LLL sites
  • Promotion of the LLL project

LinuxStuff project Leader: Patrick Peiffer

GNU/Linux courses:

  • Organize courses:
    • find class rooms
    • fix dates
    • find a teacher
    • promote courses

Reviseurs de caisse: Luca Nadalini and Marc Farameli

Organize the translation of GNU/Linux to Luxembourgish

This list is open for addition and Modifications.