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OpenOffice is a suite of Office tools with a remarkable set of feature:

The Entire Suite uses native XML file format for small, yet powerful documents.

  • Ability to import many different types of documents and templates from a range of other programs.
  • Ability to export to a huge range of formats from HTML to MS Office XP
  • Functionality to import address book from Mozilla/ Netscape 6.x or LDAP
  • Unicode support, allows more than 15 localisations of to be available.
  • Enhanced printing capabilities and options.
  • Autopilot guides you through creating complex document, clearly.


  • Direct connection with external email software to seamlessly send your documents worldwide.
  • The Stylist allows you to change the entire look of your document instantly.
  • Form-letter management to send letters to addresses in a database.
  • Compare changes and work collaboratively using the Versions system.
  • AutoCorrect word completion speeds up your writing in a non-obtrusive and powerful way.
  • Indexing and Bibliographic functions make moving around inside a document easy.
  • Sophisticated layout manager that allows you to display everything you want simply and clearly.


  • Create StarBASIC macros or sophisticated Add-In functions in Java or C/C++ using the API.
  • Import and manipulate information from external sources (such as ODBC or JDBC databases) or other programs using DataPilot.
  • Natural language formulas.
  • Combine the contents of cells from several sheets with data consolidation.
  • Scenario manager to perform what-if-when analysis.
  • Charting tools to visualise data in 2D or 3D.


  • FontWork allows you shape text for an extra effect.
  • Quick and easy creation of complex 3D shapes.
  • Bezier curves, for realistic smooth curves.
  • Eyedropper to change any pixel color into another
  • Raster tools and effects.


  • Exploits all the effects and graphics tools from Draw
  • AutoPilot helps you get your ideas down just how you want them.
  • AutoLayout makes sure your presentations look professional.
  • A number of slide effects add an extra spark to your presentation.