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  • Thierry Coutelier
  • Gilles Maria-Sube
  • Alain Knaff
  • Pierre Fonck
  • Yvon Dostert
  • Alex Loes
  • Vincent Bremaud
  • Chrëscht Lehmann

Activity in 2020 and beginning of 2021

Social Events

  • No social events due to COVID, apart from the 2020 AG meal itself.


  • Upgraded Lilux Web Site Joomla to 3.9, after years of being stuck at 2.5
  • Upgraded Lilux Server to Ubuntu 20
  • Mensa Web Site modernized, mtools and udpcast releases
  • "Keller" meetings continued online due to COVID lockdown, amid

lukewarm success

"Rapport de Caisse" / "Rapport du réviseur de caisse"

  • at the beginning of the exercise (2020), we had 2581.40€ on our CCP account
  • throughout 2020 we received 760€, of which 685€ were membership dues and 75€ donations
  • 304€ were spent, of which 270€ on AG meal and 34€ on bank fees.
  • The result of the exercise is 456€.
  • at the end of 2020 we had 3037.40€ on our account
  • Our cash box staid constant at 252.25€

Our accounting has been verified by one réviseur de caisse (Pierre Fonck) and we gave décharge to the trésorier.

Summary Report Details

"Décharge du Comité"

... has been granted.

Election of the New Board

Our current board has been confirmed (voted unanimously):

These are:

  • Thierry Coutelier, president
  • Gilles Maria-Sube, treasurer
  • Brent Frère, vice-president
  • Alain Knaff, secretary

Pierre Fonck are réviseurs de caisse

Plans for the future

  • Keller meetings will resume on site (ENS) as soon as COVID restriction will make this easier
  • We will prepare a change of statutes to allow us to supply judicial help for Linux users if they are sued / want to sue in matters related to Linux. To be voted on in next year's General assembly.
  • As we might need more money to fulfill the above goal (attorneys are expensive), we will need to enlist help of other associations. Moreover now encourage our members that participate in our social events/meals to make a donation back to Lilux.


  • We are planning to have a pizza together sometimes later this summer. No date or place have been decided yet