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  • Thierry Coutelier
  • Alain Knaff
  • Alain Louge
  • Alain Schneider
  • Gilles Maria-Sube
  • Jean-Paul Piazzolla
  • Libor Chmelik
  • Lucie Kunakova
  • Patrick Kleeblatt
  • Paul Hetting
  • Pierre Fonck
  • Yvon Dostert
  • Vincent Bremaud

Activity in 2016 and beginning of 2017

  • Sendar
    • Finished re-installation following the crash.
    • Switched mail back to sendar
    • Set up a backup system (we're backing up to a virtual machine hosted by Brent)
    • Still to do
      • database synchronization with backup
      • scripted process to activate backup as primary in case of need
  • Social Events
    • Grill party at Alain Rassel's place
    • Christmas dinner
  • LLL
    • Upgraded servers of Pirate Party and Eng nei Schaff to LLL based on Kubuntu 14.04 (from 12.04)
    • A new partner association. They will get a new LLL version based on Debian. Later this version will be rolled out to the 2 other sites as well.
    • Unfortunately, as a new director took office at LGL, he removed the LLL system.

Outlook/plans to the future

  • Our Linux-basic class slides need updating.
  • Idea: organize classes to teach small an medium enterprises of Luxembourg how to use a Raspberry pi (or clone/competitor) as a thin client (or even as a not-so-thin client)
  • In Q4 this year, our club will have existed for twenty years. This is worthy of celebration. Maybe a two-day bootcamp at ENS? Maybe we could do something together with MCCL?
  • Register in our club in the commune of Contern, so that we can benefit from a room there too, or maybe even a subsidy.

"Rapport de Caisse" / "Rapport du réviseur de caisse"

  • at the beginning of the exercise (2016), we had 3567.49€ on our CCP account
  • throughout 2016 we received 345€, all of which were membership dues
  • 581.59€ were spent (AG and Christmas meals, postage stamps, membership card blanks, bank fees, ...)
  • at the end of 2016 we had 3330.90€ on our account
  • Our cash box staid constant at 252.25€

Our accounting has been verified by one réviseur de caisse (Pierre Fonck) and we gave décharge to the trésorier.

"Décharge du Comité"

... has been granted.

Election of the New Board

Our current board has been confirmed (voted unanimously):

These are:

  • Thierry Coutelier, president
  • Gilles Maria-Sube, treasurer
  • Brent Frère, vice-president
  • Alain Knaff, secretary

Pierre Fonck and Patrick Kleeblatt are réviseur de caisse

Membership due

  • Membership due stays at 15€


  • When faced with vendors that are less than friendly to the community, we should nevertheless stay customers, and complain, rather than leave to boycott. A boycott might not be "noticed", however a barrage of complaints will.