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  • Vincent Bremaud
  • Thierry Coutelier
  • Eric Dondelinger
  • Pierre Fonck
  • Brent Frère
  • Alain Knaff
  • Alain Louge
  • Gilles Maria-Sube
  • Pierre Schumacher

Activity in 2011

  • LLL installation on Pirate Party server

Outlook/plans to the future

  • Brent volunteered to manage publicity for Lilux (flyers advertising Friday evening events, explaining what Linux is, etc.)
  • APE2012

"Rapport de Caisse" / "Rapport des réviseurs de caisse"

Our accounting has been verified by the réviseurs de caisse and we gave décharge to the trésorier.

"Décharge du Comité"

... has been granted.

Election of the New Board

Current board (Thierry Coutelier, Brent Frère, Alain Louge, David Raison, Gilles Maria-Sube, Alain Knaff) has been confirmed by the assembly.

Pierre Fonck is réviseur de caisse