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LiLux General Assembly 20070329


   20070329 19h00




   - Adrienne ?
   - AlainKnaff
   - AlexLoes
   - BrentFrere
   - CedricBrandenbourger
   - EricDondelinger
   - LaurentBohnert
   - MichelMariaSube
   - PascalSteichen
   - PierreFonck
   - PierreSchumacher
   - PittFischer
   - ThierryCoutelier
   - YvonDostert
   - please add anybody who might have been forgotten


   * Report of past year
   * Vote new committee
   * Miscellaneous/Outlook for next year

New committee:

   * President: Thierry Coutelier
   * Vice president: Brent Frère
   * Secretary: Alain Knaff
   * Treasurer: Alex Loes
   * Yvon Dostert
   * Eric Dondelinger
   * (Webmaster: Pitt Fischer)

Revisors (for next year):

   * Pierre Schumacher
   * Laurent Asorne

Outlook for next year:

   * We plan to organize one "high impact" meeting with a well-known speaker in a posh location. Depending on effort and success we will then to those regularly (one every couple of months)
   * "Plateforme du logiciel libre"
   * Let's try to involve government in our fight against "vente forcée".
   * We may propose to government to become the country of "free software", just like we have been the country of steel, and the the country of banking in the past.
   * Study whether it makes sense to define new types of "sponsoring" members (silver, gold)
   * Make our Friday evening's meetings better known