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we want protection (users must register to write), read protection for certain pages (internal discussions of some LUG matters), and possibly to upload data such as photos, graphs, etc ===> probably Mediawiki is most suitable for this.

Features needed:

  • Only registered users can write (but anybody may register): good against spam
  • Some pages may be write-protected (only moderators may write): good for protecting entry-level pages
  • Some pages may be read-protected (only moderators may read): good for internal discussions. If this cannot be achieved within Mediawiki, we might consider setting up a second wiki for these, which would be protected by Apache's password mechanism


  • Set up Mediawiki on a test machine
  • Write migration script (but do not migrate just yet)
  • For a time, let run both in paralell (in order not to disrupt ongoing work)
  • If new wiki is stable, migrate using the scripts written in previous steps