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We were in contact in november because I was conatcting you for support and
cooperation concerning our offices in the Infoladen at the Kulturfabrik.
The good news is that everything is running now on LINUX Kubuntu, so we banned
Microsoft already out of our offices with little means (because I don't know
too much about Linux,...) As asked in your mail you can voluntarily publish
this success story in your homepage.
The bad news is that we also have server that is running on Debian and because
of problems with the electricity it unsmoothly break down several times and
now it shows a lot of errors and is not accessible anymore through the

So we wanted to ask if you know somebody that could help us fixing this
problem and even switch the file server to ubuntu instead of Debian and maybe
also install the printer? We would also like to organize workshop for people
to give them the possibility to learn how to use LINUX. Also we would like to
have a dossier about LINUX and Open Source in teh Infoladen, would you have
material about this?
Do you have members that would have the time and motivation for such a

We can offer some things in exchange, but unfortunately not too much money,2
because we don't have too much budget...
Here some ideas what we could offer:
-you could use the Infoladen as room for your activities and for workshops
-we would send to some of your members or/and the organisation our magazine:
-you could publish "advertissments" in this magazine
-we could exchange through the local exchange trade system: www.tauschkrees.lu
-we can help you with logistical and material help when you organize some
meetings, fairs, info stand,... for example with our big van to transport

sorry for this long mail
We would be really thankful if we could get your help, we really need to get
this server running and than want to develop the competencies that we have
people to take care of it ourselves.

best greetings


People interested in helping: <?plugin OldStyleTable | Who | When | specialties | | pst | not before end March | ubuntu,security | | AlexLoes | immediately | kubuntu, install | | AlainKnaff | end of March / beginning of April / end of May | LLL | ?>

  • Summary* (by AL)

I phoned Gary and made an appointment on Saturday, 17 to help them with their problem with their HD. He explains that another application turns on the computer and therefore, it needs to turn as fast as possible again.

I proposed the lll distri to be installed by Alain and me on march 24, but to be confirmed.

  • 25.03.2007:

Yesterday, Alain and me went to Infoladen to install the lll system on the server. While he installed the server, I did an update of the clients (kubuntu). Unfortunately, the updates took too much time, so we have to return. Probably, I'll return an Friday to do the rest of the config. Alain will configure the server remotely.

  • 30.03.2007

I was there to finish the Installation. The server now runs the lll system, the clients run Kubuntu. The home of the clients is on the server (NFS with NIS).

  • 12.05.2007

Now the clients run Kubuntu 7.04. Only the old machine run 6.06. On all machines, the root account is active. Automatix should be installed.

  • 25.08.2007

Automatix is installed on the 2 newer machines. A new printer is added to the network, being locally connected to the server. Problem with a scanner, but not important. Could be fixed in future. On every machine, a local user called gary2 exists to avoid problems using sudo (also in group sudo).