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Joomla seems to be the most popular open source CMS right now, and is easier to set up than Plone, while still having most of the needed features.


  • Set up a Joomla test server to look mostly like the current LiLux site, and gain some experience.
  • Migrate production site.
  • Define which tasks may be accomplished by all committee members, and which should be reserved to the webmaster. Example
    • maintenance/update of meeting dates should be doable by whoever
  • Define procedures for common tasks (so that we don't accidentally mess up the site). It is important that we write these somewhere down, and that everybody who has write access knows where they are stored. The goal here is to enable as many people as possible to do routine stuff, while still keeping a consistent way of doing them
    • Adding a meeting date
    • Adding a meeting compte-rendu
    • Adding/removing a banner for an event
    • Integrating/linking external script into CMS (example: membership scripts)

Volunteers needed:

  • Webmaster who is responsible for the overall site maintenance and design, and definition of policy
  • All committee members (President, VP, treasurer, secretary, ...) should have write access to CMS for urgent or routine tasks
  • Later
    • Define containers needed in CMS
    • Define how to present the site

Good practices:

  • If a global reorganization of site happens that shuffles directories around (and thus invalidates some URLs), warn all committee members who might depend on such resources
  • ...