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This page is meant to solve all the open small issues that are bogging our LUG down. Please add items to the list below, and/or volunteer for existing tasks. We desperately do need volunteers for these things, right now the LUG is only driven by a handful people who are overwhelmed. The goal of this page not to list grandiose projects (à la Freeducation). While such big projects are necessary to give our LUG a purpose, right now we have the problem that even the basic stuff needs urgent attention. Most of these tasks should be doable in an afternoon (such as drawing the plan to our meeting room), while the more complex should be doable in a week. So, volunteers, don't be scared! The problem is not the size of each individual task, but just that there are so many of them.

In the list below some of the more complex tasks refer to a page of their own where they are subdivided.