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===Linuxfest Organization 2007===
Heck of a job there, it asbloutely helps me out.
(For reference, link to [[LinuxFest2007|LinuxFest 2007]])
This is our 10 year anniversary and we would like to have something special.
If possible outside:
* Tent where we server drinks and food
* Music: DJ or we could even ask for HMM to do a small concert (would bring at least their supporters)
* Children's playground. (We have already volunteers for this part)
Inside almost as always:
* Tux Café - used as show room, selling stuff and drinks and to discuss.
* Class Room for the courses.
* Class Room for the installations
* Class Room for the LAN Party
* Date July ??
* Time: Saturday 8:00 to late night, Sunday 10:00 to 19:00 or only Sunday ?
* Location LGL (Lycée de Garçons) Luxembourg Limpertsberg or somewhere better ?
** ONT website [http://www.ont.lu/] in the agenda: Try to add Linux Fest
====Manpower during Fest====
Please add your name here and say when you may come and what you want to do)
* [[ThierryCoutelier|Thierry Coutelier]] organization.
* Make poster (http://www.linux.lu/Fest2007/Posters). We have now possibility to print large (A0/A1) posters (in reasonable quantities) on the new plotter at the LGL.
* Go to an imprimerie to get real Poster.
* Hang it out in schools (prepare 4 weeks in advance, hang out 2 1/2 week in advance)
* Hang it out at work or elsewhere (only authorized places please.)
* Print as A5 (URL to be defined) and A6 (URL to be defined) flyer and distribute it (Clubs, Mailboxes, Shops ...)
* Create a WEB-banner and distribute/advertise it.
* Add the event to all calenders you know off.
* Post to all mailing lists.
* Prepare commercial advertisement.
* Prepare Press Release  [[CpLinuxFest2007]]
* Coordinate release: Proposed Release Date (to be defined)
** Luxemburger Wort
** La Voix du Luxembourg
** RTL
** Letzebuerger Revue
** Radio 100,7
** PaperJam
** Buy add space in Telecran
** Revue?
** Sipress (?) ==> coordination publicites dans presse ecrite mpk.lu presse.lu
** Spiral (?)
** Linuxmagazin & Linuxuser & Easylinux (Linux NewMedia)
** Do we make contact cards? (Visitenkaart) ([[User:PascalSteichen|PascalSteichen]]: at least a generic one, without personal names would be great)
** [please complete if you have more ideas & contacts]
** Luxbox newsletter (cf. Eric Dondelinger - tried, but they accept submissions only from paying subscribers)
** Creating space on sendar, where photos of the Linuxfest could be downloaded. AFAIK our gallery doesn't work.
Press Release :
- in French : [[CpLinuxFest2007]]
- in English :

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Heck of a job there, it asbloutely helps me out.


Coordinate before sending.

Goodies / Freebies

  • Use what we have.
  • Kubuntu -> Thierry will check feasibility


  • make price list
  • print forms to note down sales and new memberships

Organized pricelist with prepared sheets to write down what has been sold.

"LAN Party" (actually, more of a demo for games...)

  • Test in exact same configuration as being used at Fest (being careful about peripherals, such as USB mice too!)
  • Organize games (2 weeks in advance)


  • Games
    • [complete this list please]
  • Software
    •  ??
    •  ??

Food & drinks

  • Order soft drinks (Ets. Rossi in Dudelange)
    • 3 boxes each of Coke, Vittel, Beer should be sufficient (1 week in advance)
    • Order less ice-tea than 2005, we had leftovers! (one box of each type should be enough!)
    • A few bottels of Beckerich, Viva
    • Maybe some Rosport (Blue)
  • Contact Transfair for
    • Coffee
    • Wine
    • Snacks
  • Food
    • Order Pizza in time to start at 14.00.
  • Free (as in liberty) Beer: VoresOel (EricDondelinger)
    • Eric will start this weekend (May 26/27)


  • We should have a couple of CDs of various distributions to hand out. 2 of each kind should be largely enough
    (most people actually have either already bought a version themselves, or buy one at our stand)
    • Kubuntu
    • Fedora
    • Knoppix (possibly customized LiLux version, needs time (!), yes i think its too late now, but for next year we could think of it ...) -> cf. HURD :-)
    • SuSE
    • Debian
    • Mandrake
    • OpenCD
    • Plan for enough blank CDs in case we run out of one distro
    • Ubuntu & Kubuntu: check when the official version may be shipped...



  • Ethernet Cables
  • Hubs / switches
  • Spare keyboards
  • Spare monitors
  • "multiprises"
  • Wi-Fi access point
  • Demo computers
  • "Dymo" labelling machine
  • Our Goodies: I think that we should buy new goodies such as Mousepads, Baseballcaps.. with a Linux Logo. What do you think?

For demo:

  • Astronomy programs demo AlexLoes: As I am member of AAL, I will do it.
  • Sun Ultra 30 running Debian