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This page outlines the contents of the Basic course for LinuxFest2004.

Introduction - LiLux - Linux is a free open source operating system - how does a computer work and what is the operating system's role? - annotated pics of a computer and it's parts - the OS presents an interface for programs, programmers, users

How to get into a Linux Desktop and use it, boot procedure - switch machine on, select OS from boot menu (if dual-boot install), don't fear boot messages if any - log in, basic concepts of user management - basic use of the Linux desktop, as illustrated by KDE, incl. file manager

Networking - how to configure internet access, example SuSE & yast - konqueror usage - Mozilla, how to use the browser and it's special features - Mozilla, how to configure & use the mail client - kmail config & use - mention of plugins, where to find information - chat: show kopete

Office - OpenOffice, what does it provide - printing

Graphics - GIMP, short introduction - dia, short introduction

Audio - players: xmms, ... - editors: ??

Video - players: mplayer, xine, ogle, vlc - editing: mention cinelerra, transcode

CD/DVD - k3b, xcdroast, ... - ripping & encoding: lame, ...?