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Centenaire Esch Organization by CRP


Organized by us:

  • Desktop Linux presentation

"simple half-hour workshop presenting the use of a Linux desktop (i.e. use of the KDE interface, konqueror etc.) (which might be repeated a few times)"

  • stand
  • Jamendo concert

connection DSL temporaire pendant l'evt. cf Patrick Harpes.

Are the following useful (if not, remove):

  • Goodies

Other activities organized by Tudor

  • TuxIndustries
  • course: multimedia (music, photo, Sat TV...)
  • course: "linux for kids"


will be reserved for the CRP Henri Tudor one week."

  • order Kubuntu (ThierryCoutelier: done)
  • hardware during event: 1 Laptop and 1 desktop is enough

Manpower during Fest

Please add your name here and say when you may come and what you want to do:

  • AlainKnaff  : Saturday: yes. Sunday: no, because will leave for business trip early afternoon.
  • ThierryCoutelier : Saturday and Sunday
  • VincentBremaud  : Saturday afternoon, Sunday all the day.
  • PascalSteichen  : Saturday morning (for the desktop course) !! Need someone to do the course on Sunday morning !!


CRP will handle advertisement. So anything done by us would be optional, additional advertisement. So we should only do the "easy" stuff from the below list, and drop anything else that might be too time intensive.

  • If time left (now rather short), we may do own poster (based on http://www.linux.lu/Fest2006/Posters).
  • Hang it out in schools (prepare 4 weeks in advance, hang out 2 1/2 week in advance)
  • Hang it out at work or elsewhere (only authorized places please.)
  • Print as A5 and A6 flyer and distribute it (Clubs, Mailboxes, Shops ...)
  • Create a WEB-banner and distribute/advertise it.
  • Add the event to all calenders you know off.
  • Post to all mailing lists.
  • Prepare commercial advertisement.
  • Prepare Press Release (for comparison: CpLinuxFest2006)
  • Coordinate release: Proposed Release Date (to be defined)
    • Luxemburger Wort
    • La Voix du Luxembourg
    • RTL
    • Letzebuerger Revue
    • Radio 100,7
    • PaperJam
    • Buy add space in Telecran
    • Revue?
    • Sipress (?) ==> coordination publicites dans presse ecrite mpk.lu presse.lu
    • Spiral (?)
    • Linuxmagazin & Linuxuser & Easylinux (Linux NewMedia)
    • Do we make contact cards? (Visitenkaart)
    • [please complete if you have more ideas & contacts]
    • Luxbox newsletter

Press Release (optional, cf above) : - in French : CpLinuxFest2006 - in English :


Coordinate with Paulo Ribeiro do not send on you own.

Goodies / Freebies

  • Use what we have.
  • Kubuntu?

L3l4zz <a href="http://ufmppvbyshyv.com/">ufmppvbyshyv</a>

MrlXuD , [url=http://bxnqanigtahy.com/]bxnqanigtahy[/url], [link=http://klafoezasztx.com/]klafoezasztx[/link], http://tyzvkfvtbeab.com/