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Part of closing show of Netdays. Using a Linux PC and mplayer, we show a "montage" of short funny movies downloaded from the internet.

  • Prepare and test scripts (2 weeks or more in advance)
  • Install and test mplayer on target PC (should be ready and tested before start of netdays)
  • Do the "montage":
    • Gather length of various clips (in order to be able to reach a defined duration of the performance) [use a script]
    • Get material (start of netdays)
    • Eliminate duplicates (including against previous years)
    • Eliminate unfunny movies
    • Eliminate excessivily tasteless movies (this is a family performance...)
    • Eliminate excessivily short movies
    • Chose an appropriate sequence
    • Adjust volume to be uniform (no muffled movies followed by very loud ones)
  • Chose background image