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  • Thierry Coutelier
  • Brent Frère
  • Gilles Maria-Sube
  • Alain Knaff
  • Alain Louge
  • Alex Loes
  • Jean-Paul Piazzolla
  • Libor Chmelik
  • Lucie Kunakova
  • Pierre Fonck
  • Yvon Dostert
  • Vincent Bremaud

Activity in 2017 and beginning of 2018

Social Events

  • Grill party at Alain Rassel's place
  • Christmas dinner


  • Since end of March 2017, we are hosting UNEL (a Luxembourgish student association) now
  • Since January 2018, we are having regular LLL meetings every 2-3 weeks at ENS Friday evening at 8pm
  • We are planning to migrate LLL to Debian in the near future

Plans for the future

  • Our summer barbercue will take place on July 28th at Alain Rassel's place in Dillingen, (probably) starting around 4pm
  • Lilux Bootcamp, between beginning and end of June at the Pirate party in Kopstal with Linux Mint, classes, ...
  • plan a Raspberry Pi event (or event based on a similar embedded platform)
  • Linux presentation day => too late for April event this year, but we may participate in later events
  • plan activities with neighboring LUGs (Metz, Trier)
  • study whether it makes sense for us to accept Digicash payments for our membership dues

"Rapport de Caisse" / "Rapport du réviseur de caisse"

  • at the beginning of the exercise (2017), we had 3330.90€ on our CCP account
  • throughout 2017 we received 500€, of which 405€ were membership dues and 95€ donations
  • 779.20€ were spent (of which 763.10€ on AG and Christmas meals and the rest postage stamps and bank fees)
  • at the end of 2017 we had 3051.70€ on our account
  • Our cash box staid constant at 252.25€

Our accounting has been verified by one réviseur de caisse (Pierre Fonck) and we gave décharge to the trésorier.


"Décharge du Comité"

... has been granted.

Election of the New Board

Our current board has been confirmed (voted unanimously):

These are:

  • Thierry Coutelier, president
  • Gilles Maria-Sube, treasurer
  • Brent Frère, vice-president
  • Alain Knaff, secretary

Pierre Fonck and Yvon Dostert are réviseurs de caisse

Membership due

  • Membership will be 20€ starting in 2019


  • We concluded the evening around a nice Pizza in Peppange :-)