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Webserver design


to be defined


to be defined

Wanted Participants:

- AlainKnaff (* needed in case new admin config is necessary on sendar) (can come: weekdays evenings between 12h30 and 13h30 or after 19h00, Sat Apr 7th until 14h00 or after 19h00, Mon Apr 9th until 14h00, Sat Apr 14 all day, Sun Apr 15 morning until 11h30 or after 16h00.)
- AlexLoes ( every day after 19h00 )
- BrentFrere
- CedricBrandenbourger (all weekday evenings after 19h00)
- EricDondelinger (* needed for his expertise about Joomla module security)
- PascalSteichen (* former webmaster) (evenings not possible, a lunch-meeting would best suit me)
- PierreFonck
- PittFischer (* new webmaster) (Monday,Tuesday,Friday)
- ThierryCoutelier
- YvonDostert

Participants marked with (*) are essential, others optional. Please mark your availability after your name.


* Appreciation of current state
* Structure of site (sitemap)
* Choice of modules to include (calendar, ...)
* How to proceed
* Optional: Small Joomla Tutorial, so that we all can help
* Needed functionality:
** calendar
** link to external pages (Wiki, etc)
** integrate Php scripts (member management)