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Committee meeting 2007-10-04 : Organization of a Conference End of November PDF Print
Written by Alain Knaff   
Thursday, 04 October 2007 23:15

Subject: Two subjects are proposed

  1. "Conférence sur les aspects juridiques des données" by <unknown>
  2. "Sécurté des données" by Patrick Vandewall, ISOC

Location: Chosen location will be the Ariston (Caramba) in Esch/Alzette. Normally, rent of the room would cost us 600€, however if we ask nicely (and charge no admittance), we may get it for free.

Time and date : Last Thursday of November (29th) (if room free...),19h00 or 18h30

Organization: the event will start with a small introduction where we will present our Lug. Then each speaker will speak for half an hour, followed each by some 20 minutes of questions/answers, for a total of 2 hours.

We could also have a "round table" discussion.

The track "aspects juridiques" might addres the following subjects:

  • Anglosaxon vs French model in how e-mail privacy in companies is treated
  • Validity of electronic signatures
  • International e-commerce: which laws apply (server's country or buyer's country?), which TVA rate needs to be payed, ...
  • network neutrality
  • at what risk are personal data stored on your own PC in case of seizure by police / under what conditions may your PC be seized
  • which data are legal to posess, and which aren't
  • status about French encryption laws, and legality of crypted communications crossing France, but not ending in France


  • Mensa (Brent)
  • ALI (engineer's society) (Alain)

Potential partners and advertisement carriers:

  • GIE Healthnet (Eric)
  • Security department of CIE (Alex)
  • agenda.lu
  • Infoladen (Alex)
  • Paperjam
  • Luxbox
  • ...

Practical checklist:

  • To reserve the venue, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (26560277-23)
  • The time has to be so early because the cinema might want to show a movie during the late evening. If our event drags on, we will however have the opportunity to move to the entry hall where small snacks will be served
  • Admission has to be free, or else Caramba (and also the Speaker, for that matter, and various advertisers...) might want to get a cut
  • We will need to make a poster. Brent volunteered
  • Ask Pascal Steichen to search for potential speakers in his Ministry


  • We're looking for presentations about desktop Linux (for end users)
  • proposal: comparison of various desktops (KDE, Gnome, ...)
  • pam_mount : Automatically mount shares on login. Could be shown in "interoperability" track on Linuxdays


  • hack.lu will take place on October 18th. Belgian FCCU will present forensic analysis of a botnet. It might be interesting if our Lug could have a presence (stand with info-material) during the event
  • Presentation during one of our next meetings; Ekiga
  • Amarok better music player than juk


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