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Written by Alain Knaff   
Friday, 13 July 2007 13:46

1. Resignation of Alain as secretary:

We will try to have an Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire in September to vote in a replacement for Alain. Or postpone everything til our ordinary AG in March, while profiting from the intervening time to do a smooth handover.

2. Next steps for the web site

  • Pitt should do a presentation about Joomla (specifically for the usage that LiLux makes on it), but unfortunately this can be at earliest in September...
  • We should clean up our member admin script, which is showing its age, and starts to crumble under the load of "quick fixes" done to it over the ages.
  • New gallery. Pitt takes care of this (but probably only in mid August...), and he as a way to siphoon the contents of the old gallery via its public URL (To be confirmed)
  • more obvious menu (people seeing our current menu might not recognize it as such, because it blends in too well with the rest of the page)
  • hide the login form (... which is only relevant for the LiLux members, but not for the public at large.
  • Fix the "next events" widget (PhP error, and also shows events that lie in the past...)

3. Installfest:

We will have an Installfest in November, together with the MCCL event, and a grillfest (open to the public) in Summer.

3.1 Some ideas for the installfest (to be done together with MCCL)

  • Drop the LAN party, or [new idea by AK] maybe have only one "souped-up" demo PC where to show that games are possible. If some gaming-savvy members volunteer (Juri, etc.), maybe they can bring their own PC instead? (saves on time to install a PC extra for the "LAN-party")
  • Show install on Eric's Alpha
  • Real installfest
  • Courses

3.2 Some ideas for the grillfest:

  • In addition to our free beer serve OpenCola
  • Have the drink stand outside near the barbecue, rather than inside
  • Have a "Jumping Castle" for the kids. Apparently we already have 4 volunteers to do the supervision (... but wouldn't actually need any legally, because we're in the clear as long as we post a sign "Eltern haften für ihre Kinder"...)
  • Have a workshop where kids may do small work ("basteln") with paper tux'es (apparently there is a website with pattern to print and cut out) or other linux-related "play-school" stuff.
  • If the time fits, participate in Televie (via some lottery or just by giving a fixed percentage of our proceeds in general)
  • Have "Harmonie Moutfort Medingen" play in the afternoon ==> not only will they give us nice music, but (hopefully) they will also bring people (their families...) who want to watch them play
  • Have a disco (with a real DJ playing free MP3's) in the evening. Free music may be found on Jamendo and apparently also at Infoladen.
  • Have it only on Sunday
  • Not an install per se, but computers would still be there for some impromptu demos.

3.3 Some ideas for organization of events in general:

  • We should split the work in small tasks, and delegate as much as possible, even if the individual tasks seem trivial (such as: organizing the Rossi drinks, etc.). This is also a way to motivate members, so that they are able to do more stuff the next time around.

4. Other discussions about the dynamics of the group

  • Just being together among club members and having fun is important too ("Geselligkeit"), be it in a pub, or at a "private" grillfest. There should be something in it "for the members", being too serious all the time kills motivation.
  • We could organize visits of (Linux-related) companies, such as IEE, cine Ariston, etc. Ask A.L.I. (Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs) for advice, if needed.

5. Next meeting:

Presentation: VLC (by Pierre Fonck)
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