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** Basic Tutorial: [[User:PascalSteichen|PascalSteichen]][confirmed2007]
** Basic Tutorial: [[User:PascalSteichen|PascalSteichen]][confirmed2007]
**Advanced Networking
**Advanced Networking
***  QOS - [[User:ThierryCoutelier|ThierryCoutelier]][confirmed2007] (maybe [[User:BrentFrere]] will help with support - to be confirmed)
***  QOS - [[User:ThierryCoutelier|ThierryCoutelier]][confirmed2007] (maybe [[User:BrentFrere|BrentFrere]] will help with support - to be confirmed)
* [[LiLux]] stand:
* [[LiLux]] stand:

Latest revision as of 17:44, 27 November 2007

Linuxdays 2007 - February 1st and February 2nd

Who will be there and when?

  • AlainKnaff - both days, but may pop off for one or the other tutorial
  • AlexLoes - both days, but will be off the two days as tutorial participant.

This page will describe organization of LinuxDays, or rather the part of LinuxDays that LiLux is responsible for:

  • LiLux stand:
  • Poster to show our Logo and perhaps some Information
    • price list AlexLoes: 'Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?'
    • forms for sales and memberships
    • goodies to sell (AlexLoes: Please inform me what are these goodies) T-Shirts
    • demo machine(s)
  • LLL demo (if needed)
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