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2 hours beginners tutorial

  • Introduction: What is Free Software, What is Linux what is a Distribution (10min)
  • Basic system: File system (10min)
  • Applications

Based on Kubuntu with KDE


  • Installing/searching applications and updating system
  • NetworkManager -> Configuring the network
  • Firefox -> how to install and then add the flash player
  • Thunderbird -> configure a mail address / configure a calendar (maybe with Goggle calendar)?
  • Amarok/Banshee -> how to get music on i-XY (I don't know how myself ...)
  • Digikam -> connect a camera
  • Mplayer/w32codecs/CSS -> how to install to be able to look at DVDs
  • AMule peer2peer ?
  • LibreOffice

What other items do we do to have a fully functional system ?

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