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Draft!!!!, meeting is yet to take place!



  • Vincent Bremaud
  • Thierry Coutelier
  • Eric Dondelinger
  • Pierre Fonck
  • Brent Frère
  • Alain Knaff
  • Alain Louge
  • Gilles Maria-Sube
  • Marco Rodrigues
  • Romain Boewer
  • David Raison

Activity in 2012

  • Upgrade of Pirate Party LLL server to 12.04
  • Security presentation for APE Contern (interception)
  • Brent: nice flyers
  • This year: very successful "linux basics" presentation
  • visibility on net: linkedin, google plus, facebook: invite friends...
  • we need people to have weight
  • luxtrust issue
  • mass mailing of flyers
  • issue with postfix mail system...

Outlook/plans to the future

  • another installment of basic course, jugendhaus, etc.
  • twice a year, but different place
  • offer a "service" to people: account on Owncloud
  • server at

"Rapport de Caisse" / "Rapport du réviseur de caisse"

Our accounting has been verified by the réviseur de caisse and we gave décharge to the trésorier.

begin of 2012 4119,10

dons 600

cotisations 315

georges eicher 500

jacoby 100

total: +915

sorties: repas 179.80, timbres flyers 1120,... -1300

end of 2012 => 3734,10

decharge: oui

"Décharge du Comité"

... has been granted.

Election of the New Board

Current board (Thierry Coutelier, Brent Frère, Alain Louge, David Raison, Gilles Maria-Sube, Alain Knaff) has been confirmed by the assembly.

Pierre Fonck is réviseur de caisse

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